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Introducing my very own blog! Stop by frequently for the latest LaCroix Veterinary Hospital Buzz! I will be answering questions, posting all kinds of fun facts and some videos of myself and my friends!

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PeteyCindy a wonderful petparent asks: Should my dog be on flea and tick prevention?

Yes! I love to run in the woods with my brother, which along with trails, tall grass and leaves are some of the places ticks can be found. In addition to my monthly heartworm prevention, my mom puts K9 Advantix on us monthly. It repels and kills all major types of ticks including the deer tick, the American dog tick, the brown dog tick and the lone star tick.

If a tick is repelled, it doesn’t attach to me , if it doesn’t attach to me it can’t transmit diseases to me!



Joe asks the following of his furry family member:Why is my dog scratching so much? Is it fleas?

It very well could be! Another reason my mom puts monthly prevention on me, fleas! Flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis, if I eat grass and ingest a flea I can get tapeworms and if I were to become infested with fleas I could become anemic, that would not be good! K9 Advantix also repels and kills mosquitoes which  is great, we all know how bad they are here in Wilmington!


small dogsTerry the owner of two small breed dogs asks: What if I don’t want to use a topical flea and tick prevention?

No problem, LaCroix Veterinary Hospital, where my mom just so happens to work, has got you covered! They also have Nexgard which is an oral flea and tick prevention that lasts for 30 days.

So there you have it! Now check out my first video!


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