Running with your Dog – Tips from Brody

Meet my friend Koa! She is a fun little American Staffordshire Terrier that has tons of energy!


Her Mom likes to take her for runs while she is on her long board skateboard. Check out this video of them:

If that looks like something you would like to try with your furry family member be sure to talk to your Veterinarian first to make sure your particular dog breed, age and size can handle that long of a run.

Koa’s mom talked to  Dr. Redfearn when she started running her. She discussed with her how easy it can be to over-exert your dog when you’re on wheels and  she’s running. Dr. Redfearn said to avoid this, start with short distances at first and gradually increase them as  Koa’s endurance increases. If she starts to lag behind a lot, you may be pushing her too hard or she might not be enjoying your outings.

Well I think as you can see by her video, there is no slowing down Koa!!! Koa’s mom always checks her pads after a run, gives her plenty of water and never takes her for a run in extreme heat. It’s always great to have some fun as long as you keep us safe and healthy!



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